3-stage ultrafiltration water filter

3-stage Under Sink Ultrafiltration Stainless Steel Direct Connection Water Filter System


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The Hydrolife 3-stage water filter uses one of the most effective water filtration materials – ultrafiltration. The 0.01 μm absolute ultrafiltration membrane filters out most harmful substances larger than 0.01 μm. Some examples of the contaminants removed are: rust, sediment, chlorine, taste and odour, benzene, bacteria and colloids; It could also partially reduce algae, chloride, copper, lead, mercury.

The Hydrolife USI-UF 3-stage water filter system uses 6 layers of cutting-edge filtration technology. This includes a polypropylene filter, non-woven fabric, an ultrafiltration membrane, and an activated carbon block. The activated carbon block and polypropylene reduces chlorine, heavy metals, chemicals, cysts, odours, rust, and large particles while the 0.01 absolute UF membrane reduces bacteria. The carbon block improves the taste.

The Hydrolife stainless steel 3-stage water filtration system is manufactured from lead-free stainless steel. The durable system is resistant to corrosion and includes a thick o-ring to prevent leakage. This system is designed to connect directly to your existing kitchen tap, giving you the best quality water for drinking and washing food. With a maximum flow rate of 6 litres per minute, filling a 250ml glass of water takes only 2.3 seconds.

Cartridge replacements
PP filter: 6 to 8 months*
UF filter: 12 months*
CT filter 12 to 24 months*
*May vary according to local water quality.

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